Monday, November 18, 2013

My trip across the U.S. .. again PartI

So as you know, I just recently drove across the U.S. again to find a home again in California.
This series is just about that journey.

First, I came up with a route. 
There are two (main) routes you can travel to get to california
1. the upper and 1. the lower

The decision:
I have never been on the upper route, so I decided that would be it.
It also happens that I have friends/family that live on this route.

Decision made, this would be the route.

So, on day one we made a short 6 hour trip to Des Moines Iowa to see our friend Brian
(who had the honor of marrying us)

The first challenge of the trip was the Cat, Daliah 

She does not like her crate so we thought that letting her out and rome around would be best, turns out not. Here's her after 2 hours of meowing and finally finding a comfortable spot

When we got into Des Moines, Brian decided to meet us at  Zombie Burger

They had an extensive unusual burger menu with alcoholic milkshakes 

Us. After dinner and good company. 

She called it a night at the hotel. Thats how we all felt.

So that was the first day of our journey.
Have you been traveling or moving your life across the country?


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