Thursday, November 7, 2013

Down under the sea..

So, I love disney and anything disney related.
I grew up with disney princesses and disney classics. 
In my adult life I have always wanted to be the little mermaid, but with group costumes, etc 
that wasn't plausible.
So with P already living in California it was the perfect opportunity.

I went pursuing the internets and pinterest to find inspiration.
It needed to be:
1. semi-comfortable
2. able to walk
3. look pretty

So for inspiration I found Christian Siriano in this costume

Which is pretty fabulous

than found when he was on Martha Stewart to show the diy portion of it. I took both inspiration and put them together to get more of an Ariel feel.

I bought i shape shifter tank top on sale at walmart for $5 and attached real sea shells to it and painted them various shades of purple

For the skirt I found a pencil lame skirt at ragstock for $15 and added the organza as described in the tutorial on martha stewart. We tried sewing the organza on but it eventually kept falling off so I started hot gluing it on

For some bling and pizzazz I added rhinestones and pearls to the bra and sequins to the fin. 

What do you think?


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