Monday, January 7, 2013

A little christmas tradition

In 2009, we bought our house here in Central IL and we also wanted to make our own little christmas tradition. We get a real tree every year because its just so fun to go pick one out together, but we decided that we were only going to get one ornament a year.

I know, I know, what your thinking, but its our tradition. 
So, instead of covering our tree with cheap ornaments that have little to no meaning and can add up, we spend our money on ONE ornament and have it mean something or reflect our year, etc. 

The first two years we choose because they are pretty and unique looking and just go together. The third is this glass ornament I made. It says just married and has a paper flower that was used in the wedding. 

Yes, we will only have 4 ornaments on our tree this year. 

Do you have any christmas traditions?
Stay tuned for this years ornament. 

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