Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A new year and another recap

Last year I wrote a vague recap here
On New years day 2011, we had a date as seen here
In Jan of 2010, I wrote this recall of 2009

Well, this year started off with a bang. 

This was new years eve 2012

I became a derby girl this year playing for our local team on a home team called "The 'Paign"

We went to mexico in March for P's brothers wedding

We went to california for my best friends wedding

I did the crazy K mud run with these lovely ladies from my old job.
I got a new job at a local hospital.

P started flying for a career again

and we ended our year with out ugly sweater party.

This year was good to us and I enjoyed it very much. 

I am planning on running more, eating better, spending more time with P, and just enjoying life. 

What are you resolutions?


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