Friday, January 25, 2013

The dying art of hand written cards

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Wow! I am on a roll this week of personal information.

**I would like to start by saying if you don't write thank you cards this is isn't aimed at you, don't be offended**
I was born in a home where my mom will get her calendar at the beginning of the year and start by putting in every birthday, anniversary, and death (with anniversary date). We are not talking about just 10 dates here the whole calendar is full of names dates, ages, etc. Every time there is a reason to send a card whether it is a get well soon, thank you, birthday, sympathy, it is being sent.
This stems from her 90 year old mother who does the same. Her mother, my grandmother, knows (without looking) the birthdays of her 50 grandchildren and great grandchildren, 14 children and there spouses. Pretty impressive, right? And you guessed it, she also sends a card to all of these people too.

So, my mom insisted we do the same. There are times where she will call, at least me, to remind me to send this or that card. I try to do the same, but I am not very good, especially when it comes to birthday cards. It is so easy to write happy birthday on facebook these days and call it quits.  Thank you cards, however have a special meaning to me.

The one thing i have learned over the years (especially when you make things) is that there is nothing better than receiving a thank you card. It just makes the effort, the thought and time that went into thatvitem worth it. My mom, who also crochets, has discussed this with me. She makes a blanket for every new baby born into the family and than some of my sisters friends as well. That is a lot of blankets. The numbers above are just for her side of the family FYI. So to her (even though she is retired) all she wants is a thank you card and that makes it all worth it.

After my lack of christmas cards this year and then later followed by no thank you cards, I did some research and found this  article talking about the dying art of writing. The article talks about the dying art and why hand written thank you card just mean more. The article also has a section about the do's and don'ts of writing.

Do you write handwritten thank you's? 


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  1. I'm afraid it's a dying art with me -- I only do it if i get around to it and feel like it -- definitely not what my mother taught me! It's interesting to read about your mom and grandma and good to know somebody is keeping up the tradition because it's a good one.
    -- sena


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