Saturday, January 3, 2015

Year recap

I can't believe This post was 5YEARS AGO! 
In a few days I'll be turning 30, it's crazy to look back on that post and see how much things have changed for us, especially this past year.

5 years ago I was just starting nursing school and today I am an RN at one of the best hospitals in California.

We no longer live in Illinois or have that house we had purchased in 2009, yet we live in a rented townhouse. How's that for some change?
We are going to throw another party this year and again don't have a lot of friends here.
In 2010, we had only been together for 3 years and now it had been 8.. We have been married for 3+ years now and have a baby.

Ok enough of the comparisons, this past year in review..
- it has flown by
-it's weird to think I was pregnant most of the year
(here are most of my pregnancy photos)
- we became parents and had a baby girl 
- I started skating again

It's been a pretty awesome year and we are looking forward to our little girl getting older and growing into a mini human. We are also looking forward to 
P' s new job as a G4 pilot. Things are going well and have a lot of promise to continue that way.
Can't wait to see what 2015 brings us.

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