Sunday, January 10, 2010

so here goes 25..

Alright so 25 is starting off pretty good for Peter and I. We just had our first official party of the year, i am a year older (and maybe not so wiser) and I am completely happy. It is the first day of school first day of school first day of school!! tomorrow which i can not actually believe is happening after so long and so much work I am finally getting it all. Peter and I are doing very well, we love our house which is perfect for parties we think and because we don't have a lot of friends everything seems to suit as is. My job is pretty awsome and I am getting some pretty good experience as well, so thats good too. so far so good.. we will see what happens next. <3.

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  1. WE ARE GETTING SO OLD!!! i cant believe we are 25! CRAZY!!! <3 ya and hope you had an amazing bday chica!


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