Sunday, January 31, 2010

i have friends.. and week #3

so week #3 is over and it was a hard one at that. i have been trying to prepare for week #4 so I have been very busy reading. I don't know how much reading an actual person can retain but it just seems to be so overwhelming still. i hope it gets a little easier. i dont know. we will see. This week doesn't seem to be that difficult but we will see. 

Also, i got this left on my computer a couple days ago and i wanted to share because I have friends and thats what i like.  haaha

Hey Steph its Jacob. I had fun last night. Tell your friend to call me, I will look for the call tomorrow. I not only would be an interesting and complex candidate, but also have an interest in what she is learning. Take care, I like your painting, and your Texan friends. =)

ps by the way i lost 3 lbs!! yay! its exciting i really want to lose 30 but right now I am on the right track

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  1. you DO NOT need to lose 30 pounds!!! you are BEAUTIFUL!!!


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