Monday, April 12, 2010

so I am going to try this.. Day 1

Recently, Dr. Oz revealed his 10 Commandments for Weight Loss, and I thought I'd give his diet rules a try for myself. After a 10-day trial, I look back and realize how little things make a big difference. Dr. Oz's diet was by no means depriving or complicated, in fact it was just the opposite. He banned everyday habits we take for granted that are detrimental to our health. Did you know that grazing can add over 1000 calories to your daily intake? Here's a look Dr. Oz's 10 Commandments, and my experience.

Day 1: Thou Shall Not Wear Pants That Stretch
What Dr. Oz says:
"When you wear stretchy clothes, it's difficult to tell if you are gaining weight because you gain weight without realizing it. When you wear clothes that fit with a set size you let clothes be your gauge. They alert your body if something is getting a little tight so you can correct the course early on."

Day 2: Thou Shall Not Keep "Fat Clothes" in Your Closet
What Dr. Oz says:
"I don't want anybody out there who's losing their weight thinking, 'it's okay if I overeat a little bit, it's not a problem because I can still wear these clothes.'"

Day 3: Thou Shall Not Eat Meat That Walks on Four Legs More Than One Time A Week
What Dr. Oz says:
"The reason is that there's less saturated fat in animals that walk on two legs like chickens, or don't have any legs like fish. Additionally, women who eat large amounts of red meat more than once a week actually have 50 percent higher chance of dying of heart disease. They also have higher cancer rates, so there are double benefits from the third commandment."

Day 4: Thou Shall Not Graze or Browse in Search of Prey
What Dr. Oz says:
"You need to plan your meals before you go to the fridge. Too many times we're wandering like reptiles foraging for food. We make food decisions. You want to create the plate that you're going to eat using your brain rather than impulses that lead you to naturally overeat, which is what happens when you're hungry and going in there five to seven times a day."

Day 5: Thou Shall Not Eat After 7:30 PM
What Dr. Oz says:
"The average American goes to bed around 10:00 p.m. You need to have two hours of time between when you eat your dinner and when you go to bed. When you eat late at night, a couple of things happen. First of all, you're more likely to be eating in front of the TV, which means you're distracted and likely to eat more. You also tend to get high-calorie snacks in the late night hours. Try to move your meals up a tiny little bit whatever way you can to make 7:30 p.m. your ideal cut off time."

Day 6: Thou Shall Not Pile On Food On a Plate More Than One Inch High or Two Inches to the Edge of the Plate
What Dr. Oz says:
"Larger portions mean a lot more calories."

Day 7: Thou Shall Not Chew Less Than 20 Bites
What Dr. Oz says:
"When you're chewing, your body is beginning to process the reality that you're putting food in it. It takes awhile for those hormones to circle back. The perception of fullness depends completely on back and forth chemistry between your stomach and your brain. As you chew, you give yourself several minutes for that processing to occur. So you're helping your biology of blubber take you to a weight that you could be happy at."

Day 8: Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Neighbors Plate
What Dr. Oz says:
"These snacks, these little bites from someone else's sandwich, these little sweets, whatever it is, it adds up. It adds up, on average, to over 1,000 calories a day. That's why grazers, believe it or not, are getting into trouble. These calories count with all the other calories you already eat."

Day 9: Thou Shall Not Carry Small Bills
What Dr. Oz says:
"The reason, vending machines. Vending machines love small bills, and human beings like putting small bills in vending machines. With this temptation it's too easy to get 100 or 200 extra calories of food. Most people buy more because they're not going to pocket the extra change. The result is you feed there over and over again. I want you to leave the house without small bills in your pocket. You won't want to break a $20 bill in order to buy junk foods in a vending machine."

Day 10: Thou Shall Not Eat Standing Up or in a Car
What Dr. Oz says:
"Eat a preplanned meal while you're stationary, and eat it while you're sitting down. You will actually know what you're doing. You are aware, you're not distracted and you're not rushing; most important, you are not overeating."

So, I think I can do this. I mean I really need to stick to this. I don't like my body and I know that I have gained some weight from last year but really its not ok because I am becoming very self conscious and I just don't like it. and honestly its affecting my sex life too. so yeah.. we need to work on this. Day1-- HERE WE GO!

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