Wednesday, April 28, 2010

why ?

why does coke always taste better in a bottle?
Bottled coke is just amazing. This weekend I met my cousin at a small band venue in town and we stole bottled coke from the "green room" and it was just so amazing and refreshing.
Why is that when someone says you look good it makes to glow?
So today I went into Starbucks and ran into some old customers who are awsome and they told me I looked good and it just made me glow so hardcore I loved it and led me into having a good day in hell. haha.
Why is it that chocolate feeds the soul?
There is just something about it.. chocolate just relaxes you and just takes you away to that place.

Well, After tomorrow I will have one more final left and a test. WOO HOO and the first semester will be OVER! yay! Its been tough but I can not tell you how much I have learned from and grew inot a more confident person. =)

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