Friday, September 9, 2011

Ceremony 101

So this will maybe ( we will see) be an ongoing series about the wedding breakdown and budget, etc.

This post is all about the CEREMONY.
- Venue: $450_ the venue included the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception
- Backdrop: $70_ I bought 3 doors from an architecture  re-sale nurse and we reassembled them
- Vases: $80_ Peters mom was set on buying these vases and we did and it looked great.
- Glads: $20_ A friend bought 4 bunches of glads at the farmers market that morning and they were                 absolutely perfect
- Rings: $180_ Peter's titanium ring was 180 and I used my engagement ring which I love.
- Flowers: $130_ All of the corsages, buttoners and bouquets (Yes I am cheap and didn't care)
- My attire: $600_ my dress/corset: $500, my shoes: $30, veil: $10, & garter from etsy: $20
- Peter's Attire: $300_ for a sword (yes you read that his uniform was free)
- Everything else was included in the ceremony room and extras were put in the ceremony room.
So................................. total: $1830 or about 26% of our budget
That's pretty awsome.. don't you think? What did you spend?

Now for the pictures.. woo hoo!


ceremony room


rings on paper flowers from center pieces

rings on flowers from bouquets

my shoes

First kiss as man and woman

Walking down the aisle as man and wife

This is our significant couple and this wedding could not have been possible without these two.

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