Friday, September 9, 2011

Isn't it funny.

(These are thoughts I had while running last week so it may come off as a rambling).
Isn't it funny that things change as we get older and we get inspired by different aspects of out lives. Back story: I have been running long distances since I was 4 years old. In high school a few of my friends thought I was crazy and I would just run. Most people including my new husband thought that I ran marathons and that meant that I was self-motivated: NOT TRUE! My mother was to blame for that, she would literally kick me out of bed (well maybe not so dramatic) but get me outside and I would motivate her to keep going. Well, now that I do not live near my mother my running has been declining as my weight has been increasing. So i get my inspiration from my friends in high school that are now doing races every week and this blog have been keeping me motivated but only slightly because i am ALWAYS tired from school and what not. So i think its funny now my motivation has changed. I love that these changes occur and keep me wanting more. Where do you get your motivation?

P.S. I got a hair cut today.

What do you think about my haircut?

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  1. awww your too nice, i'm so totally unmotivational, so i'm flattered! :)


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