Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Food 101

We talked about our ceremony here
We talked about our reception here

What wedding is not about good food.. well.. you know its hard
BUT.. this was our goal.
so this was our goal.

Peter's step sister and her husband own a Hickory River in Peoria and offered to do our catering

It wasn't free but they were so good to us, and everything was exceptional.

(OK, THESE NEXT 2 PICTURES, may be graphic)
We decided on a hog roast

With the hog roast we were able to get a couple sides 

and bread, condiments, etc. WE have a few people that are vegetarians and we kept all of the sides veg friendly which was done by the caterer and they were so helpful and we had an option for them as well. 

They also set up the bar person for us.
We had a $1300 limit, but someone didn't tell the bartender. 
He did not keep track so we pretty much doubled our limit but didn't have to pay for it.. phew

Next, Our cake 
 I went to several local bakeries in town and could not find a "good" cupcake that was consistently good and moist and delicious. Until i went to the one place I thought would be too expensive. Turned out to be the cheapest and they were so nice.

I knew I wanted cupcakes because a of of people do not like cake.

They replicated the butter creams to look like the invitations
and varied it up. I made the paper flowers and the airplane cake topper,
 they did all of the set and delivery for free.
It cost $200 for all 100 cupcakes and the cake

We also had a candy bar.. I love candy
Everyone liked the idea and it worked great with the kiddos

SO .. food

Alcohol.. $1,300
Food.. $2,000
Cake.. $200
Candy bar.. $50
Total ------------------------------- $ 3,550
for 50% of our budget and it was so worth it. 

People are still talking about the food =)

What did you do for your food

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