Monday, January 30, 2012

The Basement part I

So I spend the majority of my time in the basement these days, seeing how my craft area is there, the laundry room is there and thats it. But thats most of my time, when i am at home. 
My craft room as seen here, with new walls and trying to organize.

Well I am at it again. I was not happy with such a dark space already, with one light bulb in the office area and one in laundry area, THATS IT! not enough, plus the dark paint and dark shelves, too much. 

So I  starting with the laundry room. 
I moved the book shelves to create a divider between the rooms.Took down the door, moved some shelves and this is what we get.

The tall book shelf is being used for laundry supplies which actually works out really well. 

Than I added a rug for the washer and dryer

Did some real quick canvas art, which I love. 
We just took some tape made a design and painted over it and peeled the tape and wa-la!

and together now. I loved it. It is the small changes that matter. 

I can't wait to tell you about whats going on, on the other side of that bookcase.

Until next time. 


  1. are you in Jess and Tara's old place?

  2. No we live on Pennsylvania in a ranch house

  3. ooh, i thought it was going to be a super small world! we looked at their house to rent before i knew them. the basement looked so much like that! (at least in my memory)

  4. I had only been in there old house once, and that was right before they moved into this house. I had never been in there basement. I think all unfinished basements look similar


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