Wednesday, February 1, 2012

P's Birthday Part I

So this weekend, P let me plan and throw him a party for the big 32. I t was late notice because I was studying for boards and yeah (a little more important)

Well I went with a mustache and P theme. 
I made/customized this from  they have some great free customizable things.
I sent an invite via facebook (which I don't like as much as evite)

This was my subtle P hints: P is for .. parties, planes, peppers, pizza, pirates& pinapple upside down cake. These are a few of Peter's favorite things. 

Which I really enjoyed but some people just didn't get it. Oh well.

We had a crazy pizza party in which people brought there own ingredients and made whatever there hearts desired. It turned out really well and I love that people were into it. 

I also made some appetizers (found on pinterest).

these were simple and delicious and a hint. They were also the one item people kept noticing from pinterest over and over, which was pretty awsome.  


I liked these, but they were spicy, they took a long time to make and they just worth all of the effort, byt def a crowd pleaser


These were my favorite and super simple to make. I loved them so much and the flavors were like heaven on earth. 

 Come back tomorrow for more on the party decorations..

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