Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Recipe .. Week #6

I skipped 4 WEEKS, sorry guys I did try new recipes maybe I'll go and fill them in one day..
We have a double header today..

First up, We have Creamy white chicken and artichoke lasagna
Found here

I thought this would be good, I did not think this would be GREAT!! because you need to get everything you need and make it RIGHT NOW.. 

Second, a twist on chocolate dipped strawberries
Spiced chocolate cover strawberries.

 I was sent a recipe that called for: coconut oil, ancho chili powder, strawberries. and semi-sweet chocolate.

I got crazy and mixed it up:

I used dark chocolate, mexican chili powder and strawberries.
I always buy dark chocolate chocolate chip.
I microwaved them for 1 min stirred and for 30 more secs and stirred added a couple sprinkles of chili powder and dipped away.  

They look like regular chocolate cover strawberries which are always delicious but have subtle kick..

Have you tried any new recipes this week?

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