Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Who would have thought.. style

So, this morning as I was heading out the door and saying goodbye to my husband (he was still in bed) I mentioned I was being fashionable and he commented on how he liked it. This is a new revelation.
If you did or did not know me in high school.. let me tell you I was not fashion forward.
Not even a little bit.

Anything and everything I could find to wear I would and all at once.
I don't know why I did it, but I did.
I remember wearing jeans with a pj top (that looked like a dress) or an apron with jeans or rave pants with cartoon shirts you only see on what not to wear.
This was my style and it was not pretty.

I remeber when I first met P, we I made him only talk through myspace and I remember asking him if it was alright to wear jeans under my dress, this was five years ago.
( I also didn't know we would be going to such a nice place, I dated losers before P)
I don't think I did and I still remember his response.
He said why would you do that, I guess I would have to see it.
Later on he agreed that it looked ok

So now almost ten years later, it has changed.
As I tie my brown braided leater belt at my true waist and wear a blush colored button down top with skinny jeans and my brown almost knee high boots..
I feel sexy and stylish.
Who whould have thought  that would ever happen.

Have you had life altering style changes??

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  1. I was the same way...I dressed like a total bum up until a couple of years ago. I wore hoodies, jeans, and sneakers every day. Once I started working I tried to make more of an effort, and now I love dressing up. I think it helps you feel more confident.


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