Thursday, February 2, 2012

P's party part II

So he we are again.. here is the fun part..
the decorations

well, its my favorite part of a party.
this is the window we used at our wedding and again here
we bought it for $2 and have used it mutiple time.
I love how the mustache came out

This was the card and used for inspiration for the table settings.

"Pinwheels & polka dots"

"Pinapple upside down cake"

whole table with candy and pinwheels and mustaches on sticks.. oh my!

set up for presents
with a happy birthday sign in scrabble letters
(love this trend)

the front of the house with pom poms

the whole table view

Thats about it for this party but I had a blast.

P.S. I forgot to share with you the "pink punch" we had
in case you want a punch that is not too sweet or sour (I asked a friend to provide me with a recipe and this is what we got, and it was a hit)
2 bottles of champaigne
1 bottle of white wine (reisling)
8 oz of cranberry juice
1 can of frozen pink lemonade
1 can of prozen limeade
the frozen stuff acts as ice and is perfect when it melts
add everything and stir.

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