Sunday, February 26, 2012

Would you like coffee with that cream?

Ok.. I don't put that much cream in my coffee everyday, but i do put it in.
I usually use coffeemate or the silk brand in vanilla.
Well, have you ever spilt that in your car or fridge?

can you only imagine what it is doing to your body?
Well, P loves when things are fresh minimal ingredients and not nasty looking.
So, I jumped on a limp and found this recipe for French Vanilla Creamer

Pretty good and will make again, because it took no effort at all.
I do think that it can be a little sweeter and i am not sure if it is because i used 2% milk, pecan syrup, and vanilla extract.
Not sure if that makes a difference but would love to make it a tad bit sweeter next time.

This mornings breakfast (at 130p) after my 12.3 mile run.
One side peanut butter and bananas and the other cream cheese and apricot preserves.

yum yum..

are you a coffee drinker, do you like cream? try these recipes.


  1. I'm going to do this! I usually use creamer with some sugar-free flavoring, but I figure the SF flavoring is probably horrible for me!

    Thanks for linking it up @ Creatively Living!

  2. Happy to feature you this week! This is a great idea!!


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