Thursday, May 17, 2012

week 10 part 1

When you think of Roller derby the first imagine that comes to your mind is usually hot tattooed girls wearing fishnets and beating each other up.

Well, your not wrong but you are definately not right.
Yes there are some girls that fit this "sterotype" (i write that word loosely)
And some girls don't. What you don't know is that derby girls come from all walks of life and have their own story to tell. These women are moms, grandmas, nurses, scientists, and professionals during the day.

This is not the topic of this post though.
What you don't know is all the intracacies of a derby league.

Our league has over 88 skating memebers and countless non-skating members who make it happen.
The intricacies of this league remind me a lot of the cast of rhps in LA. So much so that we have talked several times about how this is the adult rocky for us and gives us the same thrill and ability to dress up and not stay up as late and be with people our own age (as opposed to being the "older crowd).

Anyways, I was a farmer as posted about here
Our league requires you to go through a 10 week farmer program. The program culminates with a WFTDA minimum skills test in, which you have to convince 5 coaches you are a compintent skater and wont hurt yourself or others while skating.
Well, It has been 10 weeks and I happy to report I PASSED my skills test and am now a rookie.

(us after we tested with our coach)

What does this mean?
Well, I am a real derby girl now
I am on a team, the Vice Quads 
I can bout and scrimmage and I am draftable.

Pretty awsome, right? i think so.

Stay tuned for what I learned and what I have been trough in the last 10 weeks in part 2.


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