Monday, June 11, 2012

A box worth a 1000 words

How to build a derby box car..
Our league had a challenge for each of the 4 teams to build a derby box car to race at half time
The rules were simple; no wheels, use cardboard and use your imagination

(Come on now, how was I not going to help in this)

On our forum we thru out ideas left and right and slowly came up with a "plan"
We didn't have a good box, so instead we went to Walmart and asked to have some of their boxes
The boxes we found were kinda short but we had the idea of taking several of them with us

We built our box out of 2 boxes stacked on top of each other and taped together for stability
Next, we needed our box to slide
We knew we couldn't have wheels, but we needed something to make it easier to push a small adult
So we came up with fleece felt and let me tell you I am glad we did!

Our team is called the vice quads and has a miami vice looking logo so we went with it
I drew out the miami vice sky line and that went around our whole box
I glittered the palm trees, that a team mate drew out, for awsomeness.
A teammate made the flamingo and thats pretty much our box

I bet your dying to find out what it looks like..

Our skating flamingo

A side of the box

What car doesn't have a glittered license plate

Here is how the race went down:

The starting line

Just taking off, If you look at the arrow you can see the foot of our driver, yeah we were that good

(copyright © Alexander Wild)

During the race.. oh yeah, we won by a long shot (we almost lapped the other teams)

Pretty awsome, right? I think so.



  1. I love it when I know the winners!! How could you not win with that cute car and the cute name?


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