Wednesday, February 19, 2014


So if you follow me on Facebook, you know that we have been spending a lot of time at the happiest place one earth.. Yup, Disneyland.

( the passes are wrapped and were presented with the mickey, I was impressed with his presentation)

For Christmas P bought us the super deluxe annual passes.
So we have a few friends who have passes or are able to get in on select days so he thought it would be awsome to explore the parks to their full capacity. 

I love Disneyland and always have. 
So, I was so excited when I got the gift he could hardly hide from me.

(P with the Julia Andrews horse on the merry go round)

It's been so nice to go and not worry about time, wasting money, or if a ride'a wait is too long or broken for the day because we will get it next time.. Annual passes change everything.

Since we got the passes around christmas time, we have been 7 times
(which has already paid for itself not including parking)

We tend to like to go when the park is just opening because the lines are quicker and there tends to be less people.
We also tend to like the little kid rides such as Storybook land and Mr. Toads wild adventure.
Sure we (before I found out I was preggo) still ride the big kid rides or P will go on them with friends.

(If you ask the people that let you on the train you can sit at the very front and the fire engineer and conductor will tell you all about this steam powered trains. P is really into steam trains and he was in heaven talking to these  two guys)

Have you been going anywhere lately? 

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