Sunday, May 11, 2014

A look into pregnancy.. so far at 20 weeks

This is my take on MY pregnancy as I surpass the half way point ( this was written over 4 weeks ago, sorry) it is my personal opinion and based on my experiences thus far. I can only write about what I am going through and since this is my first I can not determine if it is normal or not. These are my rants and views on the subjects that come up most often.

Seeing my baby at the 20 week ultrasound was really amazing and it just put everything in perspective. There's a baby in there and its growing. It's a pretty awsome thing.
Especially now that I can feel the baby moving.

Weight.. At the begining, I was terrified that I would gain too much weight as I have always struggled with my weight and something that is uncomfortable for me. Well, as it turns out I have quite the opposite problem at the moment. I have not gained any weight over the past 4 weeks, which was alittle concerning, but seeing how the baby had a strong heart beat last week and my uterus was where it needed to be made things are ok.

Food.. I love food and am probably a fat kid at heart. Food has not been the same since getting pregnant. In less than 3 seonds I can tell you if something sounds good to eat. When I was little I got sick off of spaghetti-o's and have an aversion to red sauced pastas. Well, the one time I got sick during this pregnancy was a couple hours after eating some red sauced pasta.. No more. The thought just makes me queasy.  I have never been a picky or unhealthy eater until now and lately all I want while at work is onion rings. I have not been sick at all this pregnancy and food still has been an issue. I did not gain weight at my last appointment, so I remain at +6lbs at the 20 week apt. My dr does not seem concerned at this point because my goal weight overall is 20 lbs so I am not as worried any more.
Update: I have never been a milk person at one point in my adult life, I thought I was even lactose intolerant and would not drink milk. We switched to soy milk, almond milk, etc and just never thought much about it. Bought milk for P and usually just through most of it away. In the last 36 hours I have consumed a half gallon of milk all by myself. Yeah.. its weird but thats the one thing in this pregnancy that I am really craving and needing. Maybe its my body just needing it.

Exercise.. During this pregnancy I started out being a super active person. Heck, I found out I was around 4 weeks pregnant 2 days after the best roller derby bout of my life. Than at 14 weeks I ran/walked a marathon. Well, its been roughly 8 weeks and I started feeling like a whale and maybe lazy. So, I decided to jump back on the band wagon. The past 2 weeks I have going to prenatal yoga once a week. I started swimming again at a local pool. I even had the urge to run again. I have always been a runner, I have been running my WHOLE life. After the marathon I just couldn't push myself to get out there and bounce around and do it. The other day it felt so good to run 2 miles I can't even explain it, but maybe i'll do it again soon.

Bodily fluids/reactions.. ( I know,  everyone's favorite) IT'S NATURE AND IT HAPPENS GET OVER IT. As mentioned above, I have only gotten sick once. I think it was more food poisoning more so than "morning sickness." I ate about an hour later I got dizzy and lightheaded, nauseous, got sick and it was done. Yup, only one time and it was pretty good. Pooping.. have never had a problem and still don't have a problem. Heart burn, have not had any problems. I bought tums, but have not had to use them. No backne at this time. Cankles, yup I get those. Especially after a a long day at work. I usually wear compression stockings for most of the shift, but if I don't. Holy cow batman. I have this problem usually when flying, but now its become a more constant thing.

Anything else you want to know about? Let me know. 


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