Friday, August 29, 2014

My pregnancy must-haves

So, I know you see these lists all over Pinterest, 
but low and behold I am a little different and these are the items that worked for me.
(this can be too much detail for some people, so just stop reading now if that's you) 

As I approach the end of the this AMAZING journey, I have compiled a list of things I could not live without during my pregnancy.. they are pretty basic but life savers

1. Well one of the first signs I knew I was pregnant was that my boobs hurt for months. At the beginning of my pregnancy my boobs grew and I was no longer fitting into my regular bras. So, I had a bra fitting at Soma and they measured me a little big and these bras have gotten me through my whole pregnancy. These are the Soma Embraceable bras and I just loved the fit. It's amazing how you feel when your boobs are supported.
2. It took me over half of my pregnancy to find underwear to fit and be comfortable. These are the ones I settled on, they are the low rise cheekini's at Victoria's secret. Problems I had with other underwear is that it would not fit my butt, the leg wholes were too tight or the waist didn't fit under my belly. These just seem to be the best of all those things.
3. MY BODY PILLOW.. I bought a $10 one from target and it became my boy friend. It is the best thing since sliced bread. It supports you without kicking your husband out of the bed.
4. OK so my thighs touch and it sucks especially in shorts and dresses and than add the sun, yeah no thanks. This stuff I use while running for the same purpose and it is a life saver.
5. I lived in maternity yoga pants, they are so comfortable and you can wear them out of the house with out looking like a bum. It's part of uniform these days.

So, there you have it.. my pregnancy must haves to make you feel a little more comfortable.
What are your must haves?

Stay tuned for my work must haves (I work 12 hours on my feet)

~ Steph ~

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