Friday, August 15, 2014

The apartment: Outdoor space

Our one bedroom apartment has a little outdoor space right off the dinning room.
I knew I wanted a space that I could go to and relax and hopefully enjoy with the baby.

When we moved in it was literally a pile of the hardest dirt I had ever seen and an overgrown magnolia tree

After weeding and planting and mulching.. What a difference

The in progress before I knew I wanted a deck made

Enjoying the progress.. and the great outdoors
I called my dad one day in the morning by the evening this is what I got :)

We had to move some plants and mulch and work on the other side to make it a suitable bbq space

We spent a day nesting on this space hanging twinkle lights and staining the deck

I love this space and spend a lot of time just reading here.
What do you think?

~ Steph ~

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