Tuesday, July 31, 2012

For the love of Derby

I have talked about derby quite a bit on here since Febuary.

It has encompassed my life outside of work and sometimes interferring with my love life with my husband. I have gone through many struggle emotionally, mentally and physically to keep going and to stay pumped about being on our local roller derby team.

On March 6th, I became a farmer
Read my story here

On May 17th I became a Rookie (ViceQuad)
Read my story here

I bouted
(twice.. I never recapped on the second one, sorry)

(photo by Bryan Scott)

I have made life long friends

I have scrimmaged with my team
(this was the Vice Quads before our coming out scrimmage)

(photo by Laura Fitch)

Well, as of yesterday 7/30/12
I have a new chapter to my Derby career
we (our league) had a draft of all Vice Quads and whomever wanted to be on a home team (we have 3 not including travel teams)
I got drafted to the 'Paign

This is what I wanted and I am so glad I could be on a team with such talented women and friends. My friend Ash (Smashmouth) got me into derby 2 years ago and now I get to play with her as a team mate.
I am still in shock, but oh so happy.


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