Thursday, July 12, 2012

Running: the essentials

I told you not to hold your breath, but I have been planning this post for awhile.

I have been runnign since I was four. I have found it enjoyable since than. I don't know if it was time to spend with my dad or because I liked it. I know what you are thinking, I am crazy. 
I already know this, thanks for your unwanted comments.

Anyways, this past april I ran my 7th marathon as talked about here

I wouldn't say I am an expert but this is what I know.
I was not sponsored, perked or paid to promote these items and 100% of all views are my mine.
I came up with a list of my five running essentials.

1. Vibram five finger shoes (KSO's)
I have been running in these shoes for two years now and I have not had a single problem and my knees feel great. In case you didn't know I have had 2 surgeries on my left knee miniscus and it feels awsome. Also, as a bonus my calves and feet are super strong now.

2. Socks (for the above mentioned shoes)

Socks are very important while running. Not only do they protect your feet but if you are wearing the proper socks you can prevent blisters. Yes, there is a world out there where no blisters exist. I know because I am currently living in it. When I don't wear my socks I get nasty blood blisters, but with this new found intvention (haha, thats my joke. its lame I know) I haven't had a problem and the shoes are not to snug with them either.

3. Body glide

body glide is a god scent. I am not a HUGE women, but I am not a stick either (contrary to popular belief). I use body glide everywhere because if you have chafed you know it hurts and it is unpleasent. To be honest this is the only product I know that works for me and I swear by it.

4&5. Watch and Ipod

These two go together because my watch has a do hickey (see picture) that attached to my old ipod that allows the watch to control the ipod. I hate running without music and theres no way I can do without. My watch not only connects t the ipod but it has an interval timer that allows me to walk and run accordingly. I run for 5 mins and walk 1 min usually during usual races but I will talk about that later in this series.

I hope you found this interesting and can relate. What are your 5 running essentials?

I was not sponsored, perked or paid to promote these items and 100% of all views are my mine.

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