Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A new era

In the summer of 2008, I elected to have my second left knee surgery. It didn't go according to plan with doctor LOA, etc. What did happen though I (or my knee rather) became an experiment, which hopefully is for the better. What that meant was that I had to be on short term medical leave and not able to walk or work for 3 months. (It might have been different if I had a different job, but at the time I worked at Starbucks. 

Anyways, thats just the prologue of my story. 
In July, P decided to go to a fast paced course for a month that would allow him to get his pilots teaching license. It was intense and I did my best to help him out since I felt like an old person on retirement with not a lot to do but go to the pool in the morning and swim laps and than watch TV, sounds exciting right? Well, a friend of mine wanted to new Iphone and she LOVES apple products and probably got me started on them. I told her I would wait in line with her and probably buy P one, just because his phone at the time was a POS. We waited in line for close to 8 hours ( i think), I was on crutches and it was hot. Well, after the system had crashed multiple times it was our turn. I found out that I couldn't buy P a phone because he was not present, so the solution was to buy him a gift card for the $200 + tax and go get the iphone. 

Well, he came home that night and I surprised him with the gift card. I know.. so exciting. NOT!
We went to the closest apple store and in my pathetic state I may have lied but told the people that I had waited in line earlier for 8 hours (not a lie) and that I purchased this gift card and they said I could come to any apple store and redeem it right away. So we got in an hour later (not to bad, if I say so myself). Well, we were all lined up ready to check out AND the system crashed again. The lady said come back tomorrow and ask for me so that we can get you all set up and P doesn't need to be there. The next day I hobbled back and got the phone a few hours later. I had to put everything in by hand, but P got his new shiny Iphone. 

Fast forward, I have had Verizon pretty much since 2001 and the iphone just recently became an option. Well, yesterday I went to best buy, didn't have to wait in some long atrocious line,  come back 3x or feel utterly exhausted. I am probably the las of my friends that doesn't have an iphone and that ok.  All of this build up for all of these years makes me feel like a little kid. I have to remind myself it is just a phone and more people aren't just going to magically going to call or text you just so you can play with it. It's funny how material things, even as adult make you feel that way. 

And.. that's the end of my iphone story. 
We are currently living happily ever after.



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