Monday, March 10, 2014

Marathon #9: recap

So, marathon #9.. What can I say..
You were hot, you were miserable and you were.. Fun?!

Yeah this marathon was just about having fun and enjoying the experience. 
We walked most of it for fear of over heating, in which my mom and I have have both been through and it is not fun. My dr had also told me that if I did not drink enough wart I could have contractions and well that didn't sound like fun either.
In total I probably drank 10 liters (yup 5 of those 2L bottles of soda) and went to the bathroom over 12x, that is not an exaggeration. 

My hands even swelled up to the point I couldn't bend them.. But hey I finished.
Ate some mcdonalds and my hands immediately went down, probably from high intake of water without the salt intake.

All in all, we finished.. That's what matters.

Here are the photos we took along the way
 (I can't figure out how to arrange them on my ipad, so deal with it)


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