Monday, March 31, 2014

Date night: Book of Mormon

It seems like forever ago, It was actually January 21st. 
We were both home P said lets do something and I said find something for us to do.

Well, he stumbled across the musical, Book of Mormon as an option.
If you didn't know they do a lottery before every performance to fill the open seats. 
If you win the lottery it is $25 (cash only) and they give you a seat, pretty good for a musical)
We found this out when P lived in Chicago, but was never chosen.

We also planned a free dinner concert plan just incase we didn't get tickets. 
So we headed out to Hollywood and crossed our fingers.
We filled out our ballots with those little tiny pencils you can barely write with 
and took a seat on the floor  of the beautiful foyer. 

Well, they did the lottery and little did we know if was opening night.
They just kept drawing which seemed like 40+ names. 
They finally drew P's name and boom we were in!

YAY! it was so exciting.
We took out our handy dandy yelp out and found an awsome gastro pub that had pizzas & salads,
( I don't remember the name but its across the street from Amoeba)
which we probably would have never found. 

Than headed back over to the show.
Little did we know that our seats were in the FIRST ROW, it was so cool to see them sweat and spit as they sang, it made them more human.
It was not what I was expecting, I am not sure what I was expecting.
BUT, I absolutely loved it.
Go team Arnold. :)


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