Thursday, March 6, 2014

Marathon #9

Yup, I can not believe this is MARATHON #9.. geez.
Here are my thoughts, emotions, and words on the matter. 
(Here's a recap of last years race, in case you missed it.)

Listen up, mother marathon .. I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU!
Did I get your attention? Good, its about time.
Yup, its taken me over 10 years and 9 of these things to get the guts to say that.

Well, the thing is that this race is strictly for fun.
Yeah, I have always said that but this time it is for real.
This baby and I are not going to PR, we are not aiming for a magic time, I don't really care about the weather.. that much, and you know the time change. Yeah, well I won't sleep anyways.

I am out there to finish smiling and have fun. That's it


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  1. I'm proud of you! I'm working towards a marathon later in my life. Right now a 5K is pretty good for me. :)


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