Monday, November 21, 2011

Advent Calendar tutorial

SO I posted about the advent calendar I made for my gift exchange partner here.
Here is a tutorial and price break down. 

Note: So, I am a college student and I am BROKE! but i love making hand made things so please do not judge me for how much I spent on this whole project.

This project was so super easy and you can be as creative or as plain as you want.

Ok, the advent calendar.

Start with a background for the calendar, a fabric you like what ever.
I found these dishtowels I really liked at tj max 3 for $5.99. I used the tree one for the front the red gingham pattern for the back to make it more durable. 

Than cut out squares. I am a little funky so I made the boxes differing sizes and shapes. 
Placed them on the towel and pinned them. 

I sewed each square on three sides. I also sewed the top part. 
I used felt for these parts, its super cheap and easy to use.

I cut out numbers using a fabric I purchased for super sale at Jo-anns and needed it to go with my color scheme. This was for a gift exchange and her favorite colors are red and turquoise so it was perfect. 

I sewed the the two towels together using regular technique (right side together and inside it out)
 before putting the numbers on. 
The numbers and top part are glued on because I was being lazy. 

Next I used left over fabric and felt from other projects and made the top. 
Days til christmas part..
and wa-la!

Break down:
Kitchen Towels: $5.99
Fabric: $1.50
Felt: $ 0.50
Total: $8.00

Not so bad, right?

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