Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Long and strange journey.. wrap up.

When I started this journey two years ago, I couldn't believe it was actually happening. I had been let down by so many other schools (over 10 to be exact) and I just never thought I would get it. Well that proved wrong in October 2011. 

The start_ here: Where I wrote about nursing school and my goals for the next 2 years as listed below
      My goals by the end of 2011:
            - be married _ CHECK!
            - graduate with a BSN_ Almost CHECK (dec 17th, can't come soon enough)
            - have a home _ CHECK!
            - 2 years experience _ CHECK!
            - A job_ CHECK!
Look at me go on that check list.. woo hoo! 
Week one of my journey_ here: I was in a bad place and very very low self esteem and thought every one was out to get me. My first semester was my hardest was written about here. All about trials and tribulations.

Well it is all coming to an end. In 17 more days I will walk across that stage and it will be the end of this epic battle. These past 2 years have bee more of a learning experience than anything and in all reality I can't believe I did it and can't wait for it to be over. It has truly been amazing.

A class summary from community health clinical:
"This course has expanded my opinions and horizons of community nursing into other aspects of nursing that I wasn’t aware of and what it meant to be a community health nurse. I never really had a passion for something entering nursing school or something that stuck out at me more than others. As I tried things and crossed them off my list i slowly realized that the things i was most passionate about were the things outside the hospital. Nursing school set you up to have a hospital based job, but i knew that wasn’t for me. I knew I wanted something different. In mental health clinical, I fell in love with the substance abuse program. Than i had community health clinical and everything changed. I guess i just never realized what was all encompassing in community health nursing. I found my passion and glad to report I am going to be a community health nurse and do something i am pasisonate about. "


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and entering "The Help" giveaway! I love that you hose an ugly sweater party! Those are the best. Good luck! Have a great day!

  2. congrats, I am so so so happy for you :) for some reason, your recent blog entries didn't show up in my feed, so I had to catch myself up!




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