Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Black friday

I love black friday. Let me tell you a secret I am not a BIG fan of shopping. I get bored and tired in about 15-30 mins and I am done. BUT i love black friday.
When I was younger my mom would take my sister and I out every black friday very early in the morning and we would wait and wait. It was out little tradition.

This year I was in Minnesota with peters aunt and uncle.

Does anyone know whats in Minnesota?



Oh the Jackpot. I had never been there, but was determined to go. 

We started our black friday adventure around 9 o'clock on thanksgiving day at Michael's. They had 30% off your entire purchase and on sale items. 
It was by far the best black friday experience to date.
Everyone there knew what they wanted (myself included) It wasn't crowded and the employees were super nice. I told you best experience.

By the time we got home we got an adrenaline rush and wanted more.  
Around 1120p, we left for the mall of America. I wanted to go to Macy's and Peter and his uncle wanted to go check out best buy.

Psst.. they have a theme park in the middle of the mall.. pretty awsome right?
Anyways, there was a small mob outside of Macy's and as soon as the doors opened we went in, walking fast and up the escalator we went. 
To find the shoes.
I found two pair I loved and that was that.
I tried them on and picked one out and went straight to the register.
Simple, I know.
Well, when I got to the register they rang up for 150 and none of my coupons would work.. boo.
The sales associate told me they were $119 and that is what I paid! score!
They were normally $200.
The most impressive thing about that night was that we were done and out of there by 1230. 
pretty impressive, huh? I thought so.

Here they are. I love them and the best part is I can wear them to work.

Did you but anything on black friday, if so what did you get? Did you just go to watch the people?

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