Friday, November 11, 2011

Your favorite cookie?

So I think I have found my new favorite cookie.. Let me back up and tell you I am a modern cookie monster that takes after my dad and I LOVE COOKIES. Once my dad was driving to work around the holidays with 2 bowls of cookies and ran into traffic (it was LA traffic) and he hate almost all of them on the way their. Yeah.. those are my genes. I am proud. Anyways.. my new favorite cookie .. is

THE GINGER SPICE COOKIE aka the ginger snap
ooey gooey chewy delicious-ness

recipe found here

Love them.

and its fitting because if you do not know me .. I want to be on the local roller derby team and my name would be GINGER O. SNAP. 
Oh yeah.. I am one tough cookie. 

Also, Does this happen to anyone else? LIKE ALL THE TIME?!

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