Monday, November 14, 2011

Reception 101

So all the way in SEPTEMBER I promised you something I could not keep to recap on our wedding. I know I suck. So I posted about the ceremony here. Now we are going to talk reception, the fun stuff.

- Venue (same one already accounted for, one stop shop)
- Table and chair rentals: $200
- DIY'ed table cloths, runners and napkins: $200
- Paper lanterns and lights: $100
- Band: $750 for all night and the lead guy played the violin for the ceremony. IT was a blue grass band and it was absolutely amazing. (my family was awomse and loved it)
- Card and gift table: $10 made from left over table cloths and things we had bought a few frames and things
- Centerpieces: $10 my dad made the boxes, we filled them with rice and bought sticks. made flowers out of book pages.
- mason jars: FREE my grandma use to can
- candles: $20
So       -----------------------------------------------    Total: $1,290 or about 17.2 % of our budget
I think that was awosme.. we will talk about food and booze next time.

What do you think? What did you do for the reception part of your wedding?

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