Friday, March 23, 2012

2 weeks of derby

I making this #8 of 10 because this has been in my 10 in 10 days project
and its something important to me right now.

This was my 2nd week in derby and there were some things I learned along the way.. 
I have talked a lot about derby here in the past few weeks
Two weeks ago I was lucky to make the the farm team
You can read about that here

Well, being new to this sport I have learned a couple things so far

Practice # 1: Derby stance
Derby stance is a low and wide stance (think of a squat)
so that your center of gravity is lower and you are harder to knock over

Lesson: No matter how you think you are you can go lower.. feel the burn

Practice # 2: It doesn't matter what other people think
This was a hard for me, as I already have friends in derby and I want to make them proud all the time and effort they have put into me being where I am now. There are some skills I am not good at .. yet! and sometimes I get frustrated because I want to go to 0 to 60 and skip everything in between and I need not let that get in the way. 

Lesson: You are better than what you think you are, swallow some pride and put your full effort into everything you do

Practice # 3: Good pads are irreplaceable and tricks are easy to find
This practice was really hard for me, I really want to be the best i can be
No this is not an army slogan, but really I just want to make everyone proud
Not everyone knows this but I have had two knee surgeries in my left knee and this has always been a limiting factor in some sports like basketball and at time soccer because of the lateral movements. 
Well, I want so bad for derby to not be one of those things.
We practiced falls this week.
Falling for me is so not a normal process and especially with my knees, 
Well thankfully a veteran player pulled me aside and worked with me, I WASN"T IN DERBY STANCE, ugh.. what an easy fix.
That made the first fall easy, no prob.
The second fall not so much

This is how its suppose to be done, not the way I was doing it
Needless to say I bruised my knees and it hurt and I cried 
I took about 10 minutes to collect myself and every one including my friend Jen and my friend Steph were so nice and just made sure I was ok and it made everything better. 
I got out there and tried my hardest, but I do need new gear. 
Lesson: I need to buy decent gear and something called a knee gasket that goes under your pads for more protection, midol is wonderful pain reliever and KT tape makes me feel 20 again and lifts my knees up (like a brace would)

Practice # 4: Husbands and knees come before derby
I was talked out of going to practice by friends because peter was coming home originally for one night and I should spend time with him.
I missed practice, but I am glad I did.

So that has been an update on derby and I will update you more often with my trials and tribulations. 
I love it, but it can be mean sometimes. 

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