Thursday, March 8, 2012

A cup of inspiration

While we were in Mexico I was inspired
(I know that everyone gets inspired by different things, but sports and
inspirational moment or thing get me everytime without fail.)

While we were in Mexico we met Dora (Doramitzi G. Hernandez).

As you can see Dora only has one fully funtioning arm and one leg.
She is a Paraolympic athlete in swimming and is currently training for the 2012 summer
parolympic games in London, which will be her 5th olympic games.
I thought she was so inspirational.
The problem with paraolympetes is that there are sponsorships and no money is advertising.
I find them more compelling than real athletes to tell the truth.

Paraolympic Swimming

This story is completely my opinon and not sponspored or advertired by the Paraolympic board.


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  1. Thanks for finding me, Steph! And for leaving a comment. I just switched jobs and now fly a Phenom 300. My knees go weak when I think of it!


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