Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bathroom mini-makeover Monday

I am writing this on a Monday.. does that still count?
I think so.. This is day 3 and project 3 &4 of 10.. woot.
Yup a double header..

Project one: organization
I had a problem with organization in our bathroom cabinets

We are limited in our bathroom organization and P is a minimalist so that means nothing can be out in the open 

The top shelf has a door and the bottom self is out in the open

I found this metal container at tj max and sprayed it with some ORB

and another look at it.. love it

Project two: towel holder

This is the back of the door and if you look closely you can see where the bar use to hang .. ugh

I needed a change

I found these hook at hobby lobby for 50% and fell in love

a place to hang my robe and my towel.. score.
My robe has been hanging in my closet it is awsome having it the bathroom finally

Any mini makeovers recently?

This Post will be linking up this week.. for a list see above

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