Saturday, March 10, 2012

Guest post.. Sarah

Hi everyone, my name is Sarah and I usually post at Creating Amazing but today I’m super excited to be guest posting here at Pumpkin Loves. Steph and I are trading spacing today :) thanks to Melissa at Serendipity & Spice for arranging.

Last weekend was my daughters 6th birthday, which was a very big deal around here. This was the first party that she invited her friends from school and she was super excited. I had such a great time planning and decorating.

I have been wanting to make a birthday banner for a long time now, something that we keep forever and use for everyone’s birthday. With some help from my husband this is what we came up with.

As you can see we also decorated the mantle with pictures of our daughter and a chalk board that says Happy 6th Birthday Emily.

We also decorated the living room with streamers and balloons.

In the kitchen, we hung balloons from ribbon from the ceiling and a string of balloons across the archway. There were so many, and I feel it added so much to the atmosphere of the birthday party!   I wish we could keep them up forever!!! I told my husband that I want our entire house done like that for my birthday ;)

One of the biggest hits of her party was the fruit platter. We were only having hotdogs and snackies so I knew I should have some fruit for the kiddos, but I also knew if I put it on a platter for them it would probably be a waste. I remembered something  I saw on Pinterest, changed it up a bit and came up with this!

I can guarantee that each child had at least one skewer :)

With all the preparations we made for our daughters birthday, of course I had to make her cake. Emily and I made a layer cake, she picked Pink and Blue (which turned green in the white cake batter). I usually do the typical icing sugar, butter, milk and vanilla icing, but this year I decided to change it up a bit. I found a recipe for frosting that you have to cook on the stove in a double boiler. It sounded like fun, and it was!  Here is how it turned out!

And the inside…..

{inside cake pic}

And that was Em’s 6th birthday!! I hope you can find some inspiration in here for your next party. And thank you so much for sharing your space Steph. It’s been great!

Thanks again Sarah for posting and Melissa for hosting this trading spaces deal-io.

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