Thursday, March 15, 2012

This week

This week has been rough.. and thats even an understatement
This is project, well kind of #5 of 10 in 10 days

1. As of today peter will have been gone for 7 days which is good and bad


2. Started for real derby practice this week (Tuesday and Wednesday)
Does any one know of any good derby names for me?
(all advice is welcomed, preferably with the word Ginger in them)

Wish I could look like this.. but practices have been awsome and tiring all at once and I am pouring sweat at the end, which is such a good feeling.
Bad thing, I have not been going to sleep til 1 or 2 am! mainly because of something they call a derby high where I just lay in bed and wait.. ugh.

3. Eyes, I have run out of contacts and went in to get them changed and it turns out I have a severe bacterial infection in my eye. Of course there was no redness, drainage or itching. 
So I have had to wear contacts for the whole week.. boo! I hate glasses. I have also had to put drops in my eye 4x a day.

4. Today, I was driving to Springfield (hour and half away) on the interstate and my tire shredded. 
I pulled over (I am ok, I was just shaken up)
called AAA, but of course IDOT (Illinois dept of transportation)
got there before AAA and they were so much nicer, two old men
It kinda looked like this

Ugh.. the IDOT people escorted me to a local tire dealer and of course they didn't have my size so I drove back home-ish to get it fixed because they had it in stock.
So, I drove with a donut for 30 ish mile, woo hoo!
and i missed my class

5. I met a derby friend with the same name. 
We are both on the farm team, we are both training for the same marathon, we are both taken by a P (with the same name)
we have been running and had dinner tonight. 
Its awsome having a buddy for all that stuff. 

How was your week?

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