Friday, December 9, 2011

2nd annual ugly sweater party

we talked about out party last year here

Here are the pictures from this year..

Best outfit(s)

Best sweater


What do you think of the outfits for this year?

that good huh?

I think next year is going to be hard to beat but i think i already have plans in the making.
Did you go to an ugly sweater party this year?


  1. Hahahah, Unfortunately I'm missing my friends Christmas party this year because I'm away, but I adore Ugly Sweater parties. Last year a couple won our contest for best sweater - they were wearing two sweaters that when they stood beside each other made a snowman! sooo hilarious :) Great post!


  2. Oh man, I"m so sad I had to miss this! Looks like it was awesome :)


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