Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Dirty Job

I read some books by Christopher Moore a couple years ago on my husbands request.. loved them.

A Dirty Job was the first I read.
I loved it
Read more about it here

Well, I saw this picture on Indie fixx . com and I could help but think about this book..
especially the souls part

Any body else, know what I am talking about? 
ok. i know, i am the only crazy one out there.


  1. No! I Totally Get it!! i read most of his books and loved each one. You should read "Fluke or I know why the white whale sings" it was super weird and i didnt know if i liked it but i continue to think about it....it stuck with me.

  2. i love those books! dirty job was the first i read too, so funny!

  3. Bandita, why have we never hung out? jeez..

    I will get right on that hayley after all of this nclex stuff passes. I really want to get into reading

  4. well, probably because i'm a super hermit! perhaps we shall work on this dilema

  5. we should craft together.. or something that would be fun


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