Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas baking..

Its weird, but I am back again today.. 
It has become a tradition to bake cookies for christmas and this has been the second year in a row that I got to bake with my mom using my kitchen aid mixer as talked about here.
I talked about baking briefly in this post earlier today.

This year I picked a few recipes on pininterest and went at it ALL DAY!

1. Sugar cookie pinwheels

With the recipe found here:

(This recipe did not work for me for whatever reason and I used this sugar cookie recipe instead, split the batches in two, froze for 1 hour, rolled using wax paper than rolled in sprinkles, froze for another hour than thinly sliced and baked accoring to the sugar cookie recipe)

 2. Cherry Cookie Kisses

With the recipe found

(This recipe I didn't personally like. The dough was very sticky and we put in the refrigerator for 2 hours which helped but I did not like the texture with the end product)

3. Pecan Pie truffles

With the recipe found here:

These are OMG delicious and super super easy. 
I used walnuts (because pecans are freakin expensive) but they still turned out AMA-ZING!

* side not: these were the favorite of the bunch this year*

4. OREO Truffles

With the recipe found here:

These were delicious as well and super duper easy. 3 ingredients and no bake.

5. MY FAVE.. Ginger Spice cookies

You already know these are my favorite from this post

Recipe found here:

What did you make this year? Try anything new?

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