Sunday, December 11, 2011

christmas gifts .. husband

So I talked about christmas gifts here and told you about the stockings for my sister here

This post is about my husband

my husband, doesn't usually do christmas gifts, but this year is different. 
We decided to give "cheap" relatively useful gifts.

Back story: My husband, LOVES airplanes, not like little kid obsession, i MEAN LOVE like points out every airplane in the sky and states what it is and if it is on his airplane on the day/week/month list. Well, he is building an experimental biplane in our garage. 

I found the shadow box at Hobby Lobby for $12
The airplane for $8 from Hobby Lobby
The washers, map and flip switch for $1.25 from the I.D.E.A store

Total: $21.25.. woo hoo!

Put it al together.. what do you think?

It can also be used for a white board/chalk board thing for a to-do list/ parts board. 

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