Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas gifts.. Mother-in-law part I

I talked about creating christmas gifts here
Christmas gift for my sister here
Christmas gifts for my husband here

This post I am going to start my mother-in law's gift. 

Back story: She doesn't normally give christmas presents like my husband, but this year it different. I "stole" my mother-in-laws sewing machine a couple months ago and made all of those scarves, etc here. and her only request was that I use her sewing machine to make her gift.

I talked about inspiration here of this picture

This is my rendition..

I cut out 11 hearts out of book pages, folded in half and sewed down the middle.
The red one was made of corrugated paper and I sewed all the way around it. 

I paid $8 for the frame.. THATS IT!!

What do you think?
(stay tuned for part II)

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