Monday, December 5, 2011

christmas gifts..

any ideas for the family? What are you guys planning? making or buying?

Found on pinterest.


  1. i had a friend that made soap last year, this year she's doing chap stick. the most "handmade" i can get is a photo book! but i do love them... other than that it is shop local till i die!

  2. love this. super glad I found your blog. totally following. you're fabulous. if you get a second I'd love if you'd check out mine. it's about the adventures of a former small town girl taking on the fashion world in LA. xo

  3. Bandita_ i believe you can make your gifts.. 1. cheaper and doesn't matter how much you spend cause its HOMEMADE.. woo hoo. 3. it is super easy because it art

    Fash_ Ironic I from the valley, love it. Thanks for the kind words


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