Friday, December 23, 2011

holidays.. and stuff

So as I mentioned in the previous post here I would catch you up with all of my gifts, etc. Well, I will but not today. Today I am going to tell you why I am so behind. 

It started last week actually, my parents came into town on Thursday.
We baked cookies and I had to keep them occupied. 

Friday i had to work.

Saturday I graduated from my nursing school with a BSN from the Lakeview College of nursing.
We had to drive 2/5 hours to Chicago to celebrate P's step-dads 70th birthday.

Sunday we had to go to church, roamed around Chicago for a little while than came back home.
Where more entertaining had to be done with the addition of my sister. 

Monday .. I started working full time.. yay!
When i came home we invited my aunt an uncle and cousin over for dinner so the crazy day continued.

Tuesday, I worked than went to the IDEA store and out to dinner. 

It has been one crazy week. With work and family it has been a bit hectic and keeping up with gifts, etc. 

I will update you in a few days when things calm down but I have not forgotten about you. 

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